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Here W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy & Blue Ocean Shift, answer some of the most common questions they receive on blue ocean strategy from around the world. We hope these will be of interest to you too!

O que motivou vocês a escrever uma edição estendida de A Estratégia do Oceano Azul?

Kim & Mauborgne: Through both our discussions and research studies with executives and managers who have implemented Blue Ocean Strategy over the years, we noticed that some of the same […]

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O que há de novo na nova edição de A Estratégia do Oceano Azul?

Kim & Mauborgne: The original Blue Ocean Strategy stimulated organizations around the world to pursue “blue oceans” of uncontested market space. The expanded edition of Blue Ocean Strategy brings all […]

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O que é a Estratégia do Oceano Azul?

Kim & Mauborgne: Blue ocean strategy is the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. It empowers organizations by […]

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O que são Oceanos Vermelhos e Azuis? Por que vocês utilizam essas cores?

Kim & Mauborgne: We use the terms red and blue oceans to describe the market universe. Red oceans are all the industries in existence today—the known market space. In the […]

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De que forma a Estratégia do Oceano Azul fundamentalmente se difere da Estratégia do Oceano Vermelho?

Kim & Mauborgne: To sustain themselves in the marketplace, red ocean strategists focus on building advantages over the competition, usually by assessing what competitors do and striving to do it […]

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Por que tantos CEOs concentraram-se no Oceano Vermelho, enquanto que, como vocês dizem, o dinheiro está aumentando cada vez mais no Oceano Azul?

Kim & Mauborgne: Blue and red oceans have always coexisted and always will. Practical reality, therefore, demands that companies understand the strategic logic of both types of oceans. At present, […]

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O que torna A Estratégia do Oceano Azul imperativa no clima de negócios de hoje em dia?

Kim & Mauborgne: Prospects in most established market spaces—red oceans—are shrinking steadily. Technological advances have substantially improved industrial productivity, permitting suppliers to produce an unprecedented array of products and services. […]

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Vocês estão dizendo que a Estratégia do Oceano Vermelho não é mais útil?

Kim & Mauborgne: Absolutely not. It will always be important to swim successfully in the red ocean by out-competing rivals. Red oceans will always matter and will always be a […]

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Em suas pesquisas, por que vocês escolheram "iniciativa estratégica" como sua unidade de análise, em vez dos populares "empresa" ou "indústria"? E como vocês definem "iniciativa estratégica"?

Kim & Mauborgne: When we first asked ourselves if there is a systematic approach to create blue oceans, we began by looking at the basic unit of analysis used in […]

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A Estratégia do Oceano Azul é aplicável a todos os tipos de indústrias, incluindo empresas que estão muitos passos à frente dos consumidores?

Kim & Mauborgne: Yes, blue ocean strategy applies across all types of industries from the typical suspects of consumer product goods to B2B, industrial, pharmaceutical, financial services, entertainment, IT, and […]

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A Estratégia do Oceano Azul é destinada somente a startups?

Kim & Mauborgne: Whereas blue ocean strategies create new market space and change industry dynamics, they are not necessarily initiated by new entrants to an industry. In our work, we […]

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